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1) Who selects the music and film titles for the movies that are released?

Music and songs selection are a joint decision of the client and the edit team. A client co-ordinator from the studio shall be co-ordinating this. Usually the creative visualizer of the project takes care of this. The film titles and songs are usually suggested by the client.


2) Can we also have additional photographers /videographers along with Image?

Absolutely NOT. You are paying us big bucks to do the job. Save money and hire only one team. The other advantage of this is that we will get unobstructed visuals without badly dressed / mis-behaved and arrogant local photographers jumping into our frames and ruining the candid film moments. We request you to please inform your vendors /relatives about this essential clause. In past cases we have encountered other teams suddenly turning up at the venue without the client’s knowledge and such teams have spoilt the quality of our work.

3) Why does it take 60 days for the delivery of our wedding HL film?

Film editing is an extremely tedious and creative process and we work with some of the best editors in the industry who are perfectionists and believe in the highest quality of film editing. After seeing hours and hours of footage they select the best of the best shots for the HL film and naturally all this takes time. As a thumb-rule, each minute of final edit takes about one day to finalize once the final edit begins. Rest assured, once you see your final HL film, the wait will be well worth the time.

4) Do we get the raw footage? How is it usually delivered?

Everything that has been shot by us is rightfully your property. We don't hold back anything. You get all the RAW videos and all processed photos (The bad ones are deleted forever) as well as the final videos on a 2TB hard drive provided by you. RAW videos are clips of the videos shot by all our cameras (May be useful in edits later like first anniversary / 25th anniversary etc.)

5) Have we captured a wedding like Yours?

Of course not! Why? Because never has there been a wedding exactly like yours! As wedding photographers, we are in the business of beauty. After all, you've invested a lot in planning your wedding, and we understand you’re going to want to look your best. Are we familiar with different faiths, cultures, and traditions? Yes, absolutely! And what we’re not sure of, we research and find out.


6) How long have we been in business?

We added weddings to our mix in 2005. Our commercial side, Image Photoshop began in 2008. It's been a long journey of 16 years and uncountable moments of happiness.

7) How do we protect your digital files?

From the moment we capture your photos, we are already thinking of the best practices for protecting them. Every reasonable step available to us is employed. Our cameras now shoot with two cards, both recording the same picture at the same time so that we already have in-camera backups. That means that if one card malfunctions, there is the second card there as insurance. After your wedding, we make multiple backup copies before we go to bed.

Once we fulfill the terms of our agreement, the responsibility for long-term protection your wedding photos transfers to you.




50% is the booking amount which reserves the date, 30 % is on the day of the event. The remaining 20% while the deliverables.


We shoot right from the Bride and the Groom getting ready until all the wedding festivities are over. For example, in   a wedding, this would include shots of Bridal make-up, jewelry, outfits, venue, decor, bride and groom getting ready, their portraits – individual and together, portraits of immediate family members, guests that actively participate in the wedding, all the ceremonies & rituals – creative close-ups and documentary wide angle shots. In addition to this, we will consider any particular shots that the client requests and we will try our best to get all those shots. In weddings,   however, one must also consider situations that may be beyond control and coverage.


We generally start booking dates two to three months in advance, early booking are preferred for planning purposes. In any case, is best to check on our availability because it is possible that we are available even until a week before your wedding.


Creating memories that are meant to last a lifetime – what your wedding day looked like and more importantly, felt like is not a trivial task. To put it simply, only well-captured images help you recollect emotions. Money spent on décor, dresses, and event management is unlikely to be remembered as well as they should be if all of it is not tastefully photographed. The only thing that you get to keep are the memories of the day in the form of pictures and video. So, wedding photography should be the last place where you should compromise.



No, the pricing we offer is our sharpest pencil. We said it before, but it bears repeating again. What will we “give” you? We give you our hearts.

We have considerable experience with the nuances of different cultures and types of weddings and well know the kind of effort it will take to do the job exceptionally well.

If you are the type of person who loves wheeling and dealing, your wedding probably is one we will choose not to accept. The foundation of any relationship we believe is trust.



Being a professional means being prepared for contingencies. Thanks to our incredible network of industry relationships, should anything ever happen to one of us between when you book and your wedding, they have our back. We help others and know our friends will do it for us.




For any other questions you have, please feel free to drop us an email. You can also drop by our office in Kharghar for a consultation (please make sure you call us before to ensure we are not out of office on a shoot). We would love to talk to you.


A kind request to all our clients: We consider all of our clients our friends, and some even our family. We request you to extend the same courtesy towards us while we are striving to make your wedding memorable.

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